Make Employee Onboarding a Journey Worth Taking

Deliver a Great First Impression

We know first impressions matter, so we’ve reimagined employee onboarding to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that brings everything into focus and sets the tone for a lasting employee relationship.

Unify the Onboarding Process

Instead of fragmented interactions, we transform the onboarding process into a unified Journey that guides employees through each onboarding task so they know exactly what needs to be done and when.

Onboarding Your Way – Powered by Appify

Every facet of your onboarding solution can be easily modified or extended to fit your needs and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the employee systems and applications you already use.

Track Every Step of the Way

Beyond a great onboarding experience, hiring managers and HR personnel have full visibility to track the status and progress of employees being onboarded with the ability to generate reports as needed.

A New Model for Employee Engagement

Our onboarding solution makes employees feel connected from the get-go, accelerating their immediate path to productivity while providing a basis for long-term, transformational employee engagement.

APPIFY Your Business

Modernize how you onboard, engage and serve
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